Blaastperformance Customers Reviews Blaast customer testimonial page Hey thanks a lot guys, wow it came out nice and clean, looks like new! and all the shaft play is gone! Thanks so much! will definitely recommend you around! Michael R. ALB. No problems with Blaast! A-1 Deal ! My TIAL wastegate arrived in no time, with the correct psi spring in it, nicely packaged and at the best price! Cheers! Joseph D. Norway Just confirming that the repaired turbo cam in this morning, thanks for the quick and profesional service, you have our turbo business from now on! A.D. Diesel shop Qc. Thanks for the twin turbos! They are really squeaky clean! Can't wait to put them on! Your the man! Will send you shortly my grocery list to finish my BBC TT setup !! R. PAyne TX. Congratulations to your team! It's amazing how quick this customized GT35R spools-up! My tuner couldn't believe how good the low end was! You guys definitely know your stuff! Justin A. Qc. Thanks to Blaastperformance, Best service for custom turbo sizing, and good favricators too! Alexandre M. Qc Super good job on my turbo! Really looks like a new one again and YEP, that turbine wheel does look much larger! can't wait to try it out! Marcel T. Ont I recommend BLAASTPERFORMANCE for turbo remanufacturing, They fixed my XSP chinese turbo with Garrett internals and this thing has lasted 2 years so far! good pricing too!! Yoan L. NB. Got my item in only 3 days after payment, very well packaged and 100% as advertised!! Clean turbo for a reman unit! Frank D. MD Hey Blaast, just letting you know that my GM 6.5L is running strong again! That means, you were right, there was a problem with my turbo!! Now the thing pulls stronger than a new one ! Thanks again! Jean-Paul T. Qc ************************************************ Founded in 2001 and based in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, Quebec, Blaast Performance offers clients its services in refurbishing turbochargers for stock and modified automobiles as well as trucks and machinery. Blaast Performance’s team of turbocharging professionals carefully cleans and rebuilds turbochargers, bringing them back to their original level of performance and dependability. In addition to rebuilding turbochargers to their original specifications, Blaast Performance can also perform an array of improvements/upgrades/modifications to turbochargers in order to adjust it's behavior to the specific needs of each client...

When reconstructing a turbocharger, Blaast Performance mechanics clean out the wheels and housings, repair them, or replace them when necessary. Blaast Performance employees conduct checks to make sure each new part is in accordance with the build of the turbocharger as a whole, add bearing seals, and rebalance rotating parts. Before installing a turbocharger, Blaast Performance technicians administer quality assurance tests to ensure they are delivering a properly constructed product. Because the reassembly of turbochargers requires specific instruments that are operated by experienced professionals, Blaast Performance does not recommend nor sell DIY rebuilding kits.

Products featured by Blaast Performance include a TIAL MVS (38mm) Wastegate, a Garrett T3 (Volvo 740/760, Renault R21 turbo), and a Transverse mounted VW/Audi 1.8T KKK K03-026. 100- to 200-horsepower turbochargers offered by Blaast Performance include the GT 1241, the GT 1544, the GT 1548, and the GT 1749V, all priced at less than $1,000. GT ball-bearing turbos are more costly purchases, but Blaast Performance professionals appreciate the advanced quality of technology and structure Garrett uses in the construction of its parts.

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